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I need your help!!!

This past week I spend puttering around the office and at home.  It was really a nice change of pace for me.  Here are some of the things I accomplished this week. I drank lots of coffee  If you would like to go for coffee I would love to hang out!!!! I spent lots of money We are going to do some renovating so let the spending begin. I did lots of thinking I mean intentional thinking - like about the church and the future of the church. And yes, I did jot my thinking thoughts down because I am at an age where I forget way too much. It was during my thinking time that I began the process of planning for my future at McDougal Chapel.  Now here is the thing about planning for the future.  A person needs to be totally honest in order to effectively move towards a new goal or vision. Let me give you an example.  This spring, I would like to take part in a 5 km run in Red Deer.  This is an intentional goal that I have.  Now here is the challenge. If I am not fully honest about my current sit
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 It is Monday morning and I am one week into my revised schedule at McDougal Chapel.  In front of me is a week of hanging around the office and in our community.  I look forward to being around my friends for this week. (If you want to go for coffee, message me please) Behind me was a week of fun and reflection.  I spent some time trudging through snow with snowshoes strapped to my feet.  It was fun.  It was a workout.  It was good for my brain. Here were some of my thoughts as I did my wandering. I wonder if bigfoot exists?  There is so much space for him to hid and be elusive.  I wonder if he was watching me as I trekked through the bush? How did I ever get so lucky to live in this amazing province and country?  Only by God's grace for sure.  There is no other reason. Who puts wooden steps in the middle of a wilderness hike?  Don't they realize I cannot do those while wearing snowshoes? The path I am on is well marked, why isn't my path in life as well marked? That last t

Let the games begin...

 I have been on my modified schedule for 3 days now.  In my search for rest I am putting all my hope into the simple idea that a modified schedule will be enough for me to fill my tanks and get ready for the next season at McDougal Chapel. I was out for a bit of a hike today and got to try the snowshoes I borrowed from our local library.  I really wanted to spend time during the beginning of this revised schedule thinking and pondering.  So on my little hike of 4 km, I had a word pop into my head. DETOX Now, I have never been in a detox facility before and do not have any draw towards substances but there are probably things in my life that are toxic.  I really do not fully know what they are but I can probably make a good guess.  So as I was out walking about I allowed myself to consider areas that may be toxic in my life.   Here are some things I came up with and I may need eliminate some of not all. Certain people could be toxic in my life Clutter in my life could be toxic Social Me

How the Journey Started

The past 2.5 years have been difficult.  Not just for me but for everyone.  So when the thought of a Sabbatical / Break was presented to me by the leadership at McDougal Chapel, I was very hesitant to accept it.  I was not the only one who needed a break so how could I rationalize, in my head, that I deserved it? The idea of a sabbatical where I disengage was not sitting well with me.  So I came up with an idea that I have never heard of before.  What if I simply changed by rhythms for the next 3 months?  Would that be helpful? Here is the proposal and conditions that I presented to our leadership on FEBRUARY 10, 2022.  ___________  I have had some time to consider and pray about an upcoming sabbatical. While flattered, I am not fully sold or certain that the timing is right for 2 months off. I can tell physically I do need a break. My mental state has been up and down the past months, likely due to the stress of our political climate. But other than that, there are so many amazing